Activity and mission

My Dominican Republic Foundation combines 2 worlds: the Dominican Republic – beautiful but poor, and Poland – civilized but always busy. Polish people can help the Dominicans and the Dominicans can teach the Poles a lot.

The aims of the Foundation:

  1. Supporting the development of Polish youth:

–    raising the level of learning English and Spanish

–    increasing the courage of speaking in another language

–    expanding the horizons through a trip to another country

–    an opportunity to visit an exotic country

–    making international friends

–    sensitizing the youth to social problems

  1. Supporting the Dominican youth through:

–    increasing the level of education

–    medical support

–    the ability to visit Poland (we give them the opportunity to visit another country for the first time in their lives)

–    making new international friends

  1. Enriching the knowledge about the Dominican Republic and its residents among Poles

–    teaching how to use nutritional facts effectively

–    showing customs and traditions regarding interactions with another person

–    encouraging to take part in sightseeing trips

  1. Implementation of projects with other foundations, companies, and associations based on the Dominican Republic values and its residents


Statutory Objectives

Statutory objectives of the Foundation:

–    supporting any aspects of the activity of schools, kindergartens, and social-educational institutions through material assistance and also helping with upbringing and education for kids and youth in Poland and the Dominican Republic

–    protection and promoting health of children in Poland and the Dominican Republic

–    increasing the chances of education for kids and youth from socio-educational childcare institutions and foster families in Poland and the Dominican Republic

–    pedagogical, psychological and therapeutic help for kids and youth in Poland and the Dominican Republic

–    equalizing the chances of people endangered by social exclusion – especially kids and youth from families in which there are problems with addictions, kids who lack proper parental care and kids from socio-educational childcare institutions or foster care from Poland or the Dominican Republic

–    preventing violence both in public space, school environment and at home

–    supporting building, renovating and maintaining social and educational institutions, schools, kindergartens and health care departments both in Poland and the Dominican Republic

–    improving cooperation between Polish and Dominican government institutions, local governments, non-governmental organizations, and also scientific and cultural institutions

–    cultivating and introducing cultural changes which favor building good Polish-Dominican relations

–    creating equal chances for intellectual, cultural and social development for people and kids in Poland and the Dominican Republic

–    integration between Polish and Dominican societies

–    developing and strengthening integration of kids and youth from Poland and the Dominican Republic. Popularizing the activity of people leading economic activities, and also legal entities supporting financially the objectives of the Foundation.


The history of the Foundation

The My Dominican Republic Foundation was started as an initiative of Katarzyna Izydorczyk, who lived and worked in the Dominican Republic for several years.

In 2008 she flew to the Dominican Republic work there. She left Poland with an 8-year-old daughter and her dog – and that is how the big adventure with that beautiful country began.

The Dominican Republic was love at first sight. Nature was the first thing – the sun, the ocean and the beaches. But after some time, when she moved to the center of a native village, her amusement shifted to the Dominicans. Their optimism, good, cordial approach to other people, willingness to talk and help, as well as the fact that they never hurry changed both her and her daughter’s attitude towards life. At the same time, it was hard not to see the local poverty and low level of education and medical care.

Her stay in the Dominican Republic resulted in dozens of contacts with the local community and many friendships, which have lasted till today. She promised herself to do whatever she can to help them.

After coming back to Poland in 2013 she decided to establish a foundation. A foundation which would help not only the Dominicans but also Polish people because she believes that despite the fact that Dominicans need more material help, they can teach Polish people a lot.

The Foundation was established on the 8th of April 2013.