Activity and mission

My Dominican Republic Foundation combines 2 worlds: the Dominican Republic – beautiful but poor, and Poland – civilized but always busy. Polish people can help the Dominicans and the Dominicans can teach the Poles a lot.

The aims of the Foundation:

  1. Supporting the development of Polish youth:

–    raising the level of learning English and Spanish

–    increasing the courage of speaking in another language

–    expanding the horizons through a trip to another country

–    an opportunity to visit an exotic country

–    making international friends

–    sensitizing the youth to social problems

  1. Supporting the Dominican youth through:

–    increasing the level of education

–    medical support

–    the ability to visit Poland (we give them the opportunity to visit another country for the first time in their lives)

–    making new international friends

  1. Enriching the knowledge about the Dominican Republic and its residents among Poles

–    teaching how to use nutritional facts effectively

–    showing customs and traditions regarding interactions with another person

–    encouraging to take part in sightseeing trips

  1. Implementation of projects with other foundations, companies, and associations based on the Dominican Republic values and its residents