The Dominican Republic Day

The My Dominican Republic Foundation wants to spread the knowledge about the culture and traditions of the Dominican Republic. That is why we organize meetings entitled “The Dominican Republic Day”

This project is dedicated to two groups:

–    Junior high school and high school students. The goal of the meeting is not only to show the benefits of the island but also to encourage young people to participate in the project called “The School Under the Palm Trees”. We run the project at any school that invited us.

–    Polish entrepreneurs. The goal of this meeting is not only to show the benefits of the Island but also to encourage businessmen to invest money and build relations with the local entrepreneurs. Here the project is carried out in agreement with the President or the Mayor of the city. The lecture is conducted in a room designated by the City Hall.

During “The Dominican Republic Day”, in an unusual, tailor-made way, we bring this exotic country closer to Polish people. We have developed a highly attractive and involving programme, thanks to which every “Dominican Republic Day” ensures educational and entertainment benefits as well as an unforgettable sensation.

The Programme:

  1. The Dominican Republic presentation: The Slideshow

The show is divided into 2 parts:

– in the first part we show the charms of the Dominican Republic that await tourists: beautiful beaches, exclusive hotels or the most beautiful golf courses. This part of the presentation was prepared by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism.

– during the second part, we show the everyday life of local residents. This part is prepared by our founder. She presents the reality of everyday life based on her own photos and videos, which she obtained while living in a native village.

  1. The artistic part: dance show, language lessons, and language curiosities

In this part, we show you the most beautiful Dominican dances – merengue and bachata presented by professional dancers. After the show, we invite you to take part in a short lesson where we will show you some basic steps in both dances.

After that, we proceed to language games during which we show you linguistic nuances. We also show you what Polish people should beware of while using Polish in the Dominican Republic. It is an open discussion lead by our founder and a Dominican.

  1. Presenting our mission – slide show

During this part (depending on the audience) we show you:

–    Our Foundation and its projects – this part is mainly aimed at youth to encourage them to cooperate with us

–    Projects and possibilities of investing in the Dominican Republic – this is directed at entrepreneurs to encourage them to cooperate with the Dominican businesses 

  1. Tasting Part: we try Dominican flavors

Here we show you the second best of Dominican tastes and flavors. We offer a variety of exotic food and juices including planes (plane tree) prepared during the show, delicious chocolate and coffee prepared from cocoa grains and Hispaniola coffee.

The places and dates available can be found on our website, but we also kindly encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss the date of our show in your town or school.


Cordial Adoption

The project enables donors from Poland to give financial support to particular Dominican children. Everyone can become a donor and adopt at a distance a poor child from the Dominican Republic. As a result the child can be given a chance for education, development, and good life.

Every potential donor interested in helping is welcome to contact us using the contact form (it is available in the contact bookmark), mail ( or by telephone calling the Foundation office. After you contact us, you will receive a form which you will later have to fill out. That form will help us choose a child to whom we can offer your help as soon as possible.

After everything is finalized the child and the family will receive information about their “foster care” from Poland. What is more, you will receive a photo of the child and the detailed description of the situation.

Payment details:

The donors make transfers to Foundation’s account. The Foundation then spends the money on certain purposes, e.g.: paying the school fee, hospital treatment, buying medicine, etc. All payments will be made personally by an employee of the Foundation who lives on the Island. After the transaction you will receive a proof of payment in the form of a scan. As a result, donors have certainty that the money is being used how it is supposed to be.

Contacting with an adopted child:

Donors will be able to write to the adopted child – letters and emails will be forwarded by the Foundation. In cases of regular support there will be a chance to visit the child in the Dominican Republic as well. It is also possible that, after some time, the Foundation – at the request of the donor – will start the process of getting a consent for the Dominican child to leave the Island and come to Poland for vacation (unfortunately, in this case, we cannot guarantee success – it is really hard to get a consent for a Dominican to leave the Republic, however, we will do our best). We believe that a trip to Poland can create numerous opportunities for a Dominican child to see another world.


The level of life in the Dominican Republic is really low – as a result every 500PLN enables the child to survive another month. Such an amount is enough to ensure paying the school fee, buying school supplies, providing health care, and clothes. Even small amounts can be priceless for Dominican children. Every penny that is given to the Foundation with a title “Cordial Adoption” will be spent to support the child chosen for you. If you don’t choose a specific child, the Foundation will pick the child that needs help most urgently. Money transfers towards “Cordial Adoption” can be made individually or in groups (e.g. by a group of co-workers). Each form of help and involvement is unbelievably helpful in the struggle for a better life.

Payments can be made directly to the account of the Foundation:

55 8008 0008 2001 0011 0174 0001 (with the title “Cordial Adoption” or with a name and surname of the adopted child)

We encourage you to contact us in order to pick your own adopted child and to determine the details of the adoption.

We believe that you are not indifferent to the situation of the kids in the Dominican Republic that fate has sentenced for harsh living conditions. Let’s give them a chance. Any help means hope for a better life for young and poor kids from the Dominican Republic.

Together, we can give the Dominican youth a chance to break free from poverty and illiteracy. That is also why we would like to ask you to share information about our project with your friends, family, and co-workers.


The School Under the Palm Trees


“The School Under the Palm Trees” is our flagship programme, directed towards the Polish youth from secondary schools. The project engages students in a year-round volunteer work as well as in helping out charities in Poland.

The reward for helping others is the possibility of taking part in a free, 3-month trip to the Dominican Republic. This prize is awaiting the most tenacious, organized and involved students. The selected group will fly to the Dominican Republic, to attend school there, where during everyday school work they will be learning Spanish and English. They will also get to know the different culture. A group of Polish teachers will be traveling with the youngsters in order to ensure the implementation of the Polish programme. As a result, children coming back to Poland after such a long time won’t have to catch up on school work. There will also be time for evening dips in the ocean and weekend trips around the Dominican Republic.

“The School Under the Palm Trees” received a honorary patronage of the Ministry of Education (I Edition of the School Year 2014/2015) and was included in the Honorary Patronage of the Ambassador of the DR in Brussels

The Globtrotter

„The Globetrotter” is a programme for people who wish to travel to the Dominican Republic not only for tourist purposes but also for cognition. We would love to show you the beauty of nature and the unforgettable approach towards life and each other of the Dominicans. My Dominican Republic Foundation wants to support travelers interested in exploring this beautiful country and to enable them to travel in favorable prices. We provide accommodation in our guest house in Cabarete as well as our help with organizing the trip and filling it with loads of attractions and a Polish speaking guide.

Who is “Globetrotter” for?

  1. Real Globetrotters

This programme is dedicated to travelers who love traveling on their own to interesting places and want to learn about the real country instead of staying in the all inclusive, artificial paradise. High prices provided by travel agencies often discourage people from thinking about trips like that. Our programme is a perfect solution for people who think that the only way to get to know a certain culture is by living and staying close to the natives and their way of living. Thanks to this programme you will have an opportunity  to see what everyday life of the Dominicans looks like, how they work, spend their free time and have fun.

  1. A survival programme for companies

An integration trip for both managers and employees can become a perfect occasion to strengthen relations between co-workers. It can help them build bonds and connections that will improve the quality of everyday work.

Would you like to organize an extraordinary trip for your employees to a third world country to live among the natives? We offer you our help.

Among our suggestions are:

–    accommodation in Cabarete in our guesthouse, which is located in the heart of the village

–    a trip to Samana – swimming in the ocean among whales and their offspring (tourist boats stay 5m from the whales)

–    a day in Sosua – fishing in the open ocean in small boats on the waves, snorkeling and, after that, dinner made by a Pole who has been living in Sosua for 30 years.

–    riding on quads on some really muddy hills

–    a trip to Ocean World – the world of Dominican animals, seal shows, alligators, feeding sharks, parrot shows and, possibly, 30 minutes of swimming with dolphins

–    an extreme waterfall climbing trip – 27 waterfalls – where you have to climb and jump between rocks. A trip only for fit people!

–    rafting on Rio Yaque del Norte

–    an intensive lesson of playing golf on one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world

There is always an option of accommodating the group in all-inclusive hotels.

  1. Water sports lovers

For water sports lovers we organize 2-week kite-surfing courses in Cabarete – a well-known “Capital of Kite-surfing”. We encourage both individuals, groups of friends, companies, and corporations to take part in these courses.

  1. Individual tourists and groups (all inclusive)

This offer is directed to those who wish to spend their dream holidays among the sun, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water in a luxurious hotel in the Dominican Republic. We will help you find a hotel in reasonable prices, cheaper than any travel agency would offer. The programme of the trip will be adapted to your individual needs.


People who are interested in a trip to the Dominican Republic as part of the “Globetrotter” programme we welcome to our office or to contact us by mail or by telephone. We will create a special, tailor-made programme that will meet all your needs and desires. Finally, we will prove that a trip to the Dominican Republic does not have to be expensive.


The History of Hispaniola

“The History of Hispaniola” is a project aimed at anyone who would like to get to know more about the Hispaniola island and the history of the Dominican Republic.

The aims of “The History of Hispaniola”:

1)    Our main objective is to popularize knowledge about the history of the Island.

We realize that every year more and more Polish people visit the Dominican Republic (some go to Haiti as well). We are aware that when one is looking for information about the Dominican Republic, they will probably find only information guidebooks and guide-like websites. Unfortunately, our experience shows that it usually is only some basic information. We would like to expand your knowledge and also encourage you to share your observations and discoveries with us.

The project is also dedicated to people who are interested in history or are thinking about traveling to the Dominican Republic. We would like to convince you that there are many interesting facts that are worth knowing from the 500-year history of the Island.

2)    The additional objective is to encourage people to get to know books and film related to the history and culture of Hispaniola – with a special consideration of the Dominican Republic

By arousing the interest in the history of the island we hope to popularize literary works and films (also music and photography), which refer to the topics that interest us. Having in mind that there is a lot of films and publications that are related to the history of the island, we would like to show you the best ones.

How to become part of “The History of Hispaniola” project?

We believe there are people, who would like to work with us on the project. If:

–    a topic from the project interests you,

–    you would like to ask us some questions,

–    you would like to share your thoughts with us,

–    you read an amazing book or watched an amazing film and you would like to tell us more about it,

–    you see any opportunities to add some information to our page,

–    you have an idea for a good text or maybe a contest,

–    you took a photo or you produced a graphic, which can illustrate the texts written by us,

–    you would like to present an essay about the history of Hispaniola so that your friends can get interested,

don’t wait! Write to us.

We encourage everyone interested in the history of the Island to join our project. It doesn’t matter how old you are and if you have ever been to Hispaniola. Remember, it is never too late to begin a new adventure or to make other people interested in this topic too. You just have to write to us and we will answer each letter, plus, the best ones will be published on our website.

Coffee goes back to the Dominican Republic

The objective of the project is to encourage youth to give up one coffee per month and transfer the saved money to the account of the Foundation. The Foundation will then give the money to the Coral school in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Every penny counts. Thanks to that, kids in the Dominican Republic will be able to finish school as the main goal of the My Dominican Republic Foundation is to support the education of kids in this really poor, yet happy and colorful, country.

Everyone can participate in this project and become a donor. You just need to transfer money towards the statutory objectives of the Foundation.

You can also encourage your friends to help or you can become an Ambassador of the “Coffee Goes Back to the Dominican Republic” project in your school yourself! Send an email with your application to the Young Talent Management: or

Currently, the recruitment for Ambassadors process is over and we have 20 of them in different High Schools and Junior High Schools in Poland. Now all the Ambassadors have a task to collect as much money as they can. The big rivalry has begun!

Which school will collect the most money?

The results will be presented in 2017!

The Closing Ceremony will take place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

What are the requirements for becoming an Ambassador?

– Send an application by mail – the information whether your school has already had an Ambassador will be sent after we get your application.

– Each Ambassador will be given a unique code.

Who is an Ambassador?

It’s a person that represents his/her school and is responsible for encouraging people to take part in the project in a creative way.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

For the winning Ambassador (and his/her team) there is a prize that will equal the amount of creativity, commitment and the sum that has been collected.

The anticipated prizes:

–    A week of volunteer work for the leader in the Dominican Republic

–    Half a year of educational care within the Young Talent Managment educational project

–    A public speaking training course organized by Young Talent Management

What are we collecting for?

Materials necessary for education for kids and youth from the CORAL school in the Dominican Republic; sports equipment – basketball, football, baseball balls etc.; music equipment – flutes, trumpets, rattles, guitars, drums, microphones etc.; computers and computer programs.

Payment details:

–    Please make money transfers directly to the account of the Foundation:

55 8008 0008 20001 0011 0174 0001

–    Please make sure the title of the transfer includes your name, surname, the code of the Ambassador and the name of the school (e.g.: Maciej Król, 01, LO Kochanowskiego Warsaw) – this is crucial especially for people who making money transfers not from their own account (they use their parents’ or friend’s accounts). After finishing the transaction please send the information about it to your Ambassador. 

If you can’t contact the Ambassador contact us and we will help you.

Let’s help the Dominican children and give them a chance to learn. One coffee less per month – a tiny sacrifice on our side – can make a huge change in the lives of children in the Dominican Republic!

We run this project in cooperation with Young Talent Management.


The Forge of Talents

Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn about the world around you and develop new, great skills. The mixture of our passion, the desire to help others and the need to self-improve can give very significant effects useful in adult life. Through volunteering we become more courageous, mature but, above all, socially conscious. Experience gained during the „grassroots work” will help with the implementation of our career goals. For all those who want to become a volunteer and exploit invaluable talents during their activity we offer our “Forge of Talents” programme taking place in the Dominican Republic, which can result in future volunteer carrier. The Dominican Republic is a special place and those of you who will spend there at least two weeks will feel that the world can actually be beautiful and friendly. At the same time, this place is guaranteed to give you unique memories. Our programme is filled with the most interesting activities in the Dominican Republic: kite surfing, horse riding, paragliding, learning Spanish, various trips in the Dominican Republic and many other activities. You will undoubtedly enjoy your time in our Forge of Talents!


Medics in the Caribbean – a letter from the Founder

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce that a group of young Polish doctors contacted us to cooperate with us and conduct a project giving medical and educational help to the local community of the Dominican Republic. Thanks to their initiative, I believe that the My Dominican Republic Foundation will contribute to improving the situation of young people and raising the awareness of the dangers associated with not caring about the hygiene and health.

In the northern part of the country, the level of medical care is very low. In 2009, I injured my right leg really badly, strictly speaking, my knee (that was the cause of my returning to Poland), and in 2014 I injured my left knee – fortunately not as tragically as before.

I am the living proof of the difference in the quality and access to medical care between the northern part of the country, where the first accident happened and where I could not receive a proper diagnose and the southern part, where I received a very professional help and treatment.

After these two situations the issue of improving the health status in the Dominican Republic has become my personal dream. Thanks to the initiative of young doctors we are starting the process of improving medical conditions and help in the healthcare sectors. I am very proud of our young an ambitious doctors.

Katarzyna Izydorczyk

Founder of the My Dominican Republic Foundation.


Hello! It’s Ecology here!

We aim our ecological project at youth from junior high schools and high schools. Each Polish school that has Spanish classes in their programme can take part in our 4-week exchange – for about 2 weeks, chosen students can host Dominican youth from CORAL school in Cabarete at their homes and, in return, go to the Dominican Republic for about 2 weeks and spend some time with their Dominican friends at their school. Young students from CORAL school will have the opportunity to leave their country for the very first time and experience the adventure of their lives. The intention of the trip is to make the students from Dominican Republic get to know Poland, its nation, tourist attractions, and, most importantly, to analyze the ecological problems we have to face here. We believe that thanks to this project new friendships and contacts will bond Polish and Dominican youth. My Dominican Republic Foundation will take care of each student’s health and safety both in Poland and the Dominican Republic.


„” – Dance School

On June 10th we inaugurated the activity of our dance school „”. Two hour-long salsa, reggeaton and bachata classes were conducted by Yanet Fuentes – an excellent dancer and coach from the Caribbean. After the lesson a truly Caribbean party was held.

During the event, it was possible to purchase unique souvenirs from the Dominican Republic and Cuba including fans, small pendants, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, magnets, figurines and much more. The collected money will be entirely used to educate children in the school in Cabarete, the Dominican Republic.

Thank you all for coming!

Below we present the photo gallery.