The Dominican Republic Day

The My Dominican Republic Foundation wants to spread the knowledge about the culture and traditions of the Dominican Republic. That is why we organize meetings entitled “The Dominican Republic Day”

This project is dedicated to two groups:

–    Junior high school and high school students. The goal of the meeting is not only to show the benefits of the island but also to encourage young people to participate in the project called “The School Under the Palm Trees”. We run the project at any school that invited us.

–    Polish entrepreneurs. The goal of this meeting is not only to show the benefits of the Island but also to encourage businessmen to invest money and build relations with the local entrepreneurs. Here the project is carried out in agreement with the President or the Mayor of the city. The lecture is conducted in a room designated by the City Hall.

During “The Dominican Republic Day”, in an unusual, tailor-made way, we bring this exotic country closer to Polish people. We have developed a highly attractive and involving programme, thanks to which every “Dominican Republic Day” ensures educational and entertainment benefits as well as an unforgettable sensation.

The Programme:

  1. The Dominican Republic presentation: The Slideshow

The show is divided into 2 parts:

– in the first part we show the charms of the Dominican Republic that await tourists: beautiful beaches, exclusive hotels or the most beautiful golf courses. This part of the presentation was prepared by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism.

– during the second part, we show the everyday life of local residents. This part is prepared by our founder. She presents the reality of everyday life based on her own photos and videos, which she obtained while living in a native village.

  1. The artistic part: dance show, language lessons, and language curiosities

In this part, we show you the most beautiful Dominican dances – merengue and bachata presented by professional dancers. After the show, we invite you to take part in a short lesson where we will show you some basic steps in both dances.

After that, we proceed to language games during which we show you linguistic nuances. We also show you what Polish people should beware of while using Polish in the Dominican Republic. It is an open discussion lead by our founder and a Dominican.

  1. Presenting our mission – slide show

During this part (depending on the audience) we show you:

–    Our Foundation and its projects – this part is mainly aimed at youth to encourage them to cooperate with us

–    Projects and possibilities of investing in the Dominican Republic – this is directed at entrepreneurs to encourage them to cooperate with the Dominican businesses 

  1. Tasting Part: we try Dominican flavors

Here we show you the second best of Dominican tastes and flavors. We offer a variety of exotic food and juices including planes (plane tree) prepared during the show, delicious chocolate and coffee prepared from cocoa grains and Hispaniola coffee.

The places and dates available can be found on our website, but we also kindly encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss the date of our show in your town or school.